10 Marketing Ideas for Travel Agents

Travel agencies often hit walls when trying to build their contact list, but rest assured it can be done. With these 10 ideas for marketing your travel agency, you can build a growing customer base.


Let’s take a look:


1 – Promote Your Deals


promote salesAt the end of the day, if someone is looking a vacation and they stumble across a great deal, they are probably more likely to take that deal seriously. With that being said, if you are getting major savings on certain trips, you should pass that onto your customers. Letting people know on social media and email is also a great way to get the ball rolling on deals.


When you can get people a $3000 vacation for $1500, sell it to them for $2250. You meet them halfway, and they still feel like they won because they saved $750. That major savings you and your customers are a win-win situation, so get the word out!


2 – Ask for Referrals


Though you are looking to help your audience grow, you should have a few customers that you have already dealt with. If you have their contact information, why not shoot them an email and ask if they know of anyone looking to go on vacation and how you would really appreciate the referral. This strategy works especially well if you are reaching out to customers that enjoyed working with you.


There is no shame in asking.


3 – Giveaways


If asking doesn’t really work, you can always step up to giveaways. Although this tends to be a scarcely used tactic, it’s still an efficient way of getting the ball rolling. Although, I would suggest keeping it off Facebook for 2018 and beyond. You can mention it and link to it, but don’t try to use it as engagement bait because you will just get punished for it. This tactic is better done through email marketing campaigns with current contacts.


4 – Videos that Promote Your Available Destinations


Some people have a hard imagining exactly where they are going, and as a travel agency, it’s your job to help them imagine that paradise. Instead of only using words, why not make a video or motion graphic for each destination. As a travel agency, booking travel is what you do, so why not take those cruises and get video of the things people will want to see. It won’t take the whole time either, so you can still enjoy your vacation!


Videos are one of the best ways to drive engagement on social media and your website. People want to watch videos more than they want to read articles, and there are plenty of statistics to prove that. They also have more staying power in the low run, so having the videos means people are more likely to remember you. If they do buy and they do remember you, guess who they are probably going to book through.


If you know a professional videographer, you can even offer him a discount in exchange for some footage. Just give him a list of things to shoot and let them enjoy their cruise otherwise!


5 – Rewards Programs

travel rewards program


That’s right, the trusty rewards program. A rewards program is a great way to entice return customers, and a great way to generate profit for a business. Giving customers the ability to get points or punch a card a few hundred off their next trip is enough of a reason for some to use your services everytime they are planning a vacation.


6 – Reminds of Discount Qualifications


Did you know that AAA Membership can get you discounts on your travel plans? Of course you did, you own a travel agency, but many people don’t know that, even as AAA card holders. It’s up to you to help customers know what discounts they qualify for. Though it might seem like it’s “cutting into profits,” you will be sure to up your conversion rate through thoughtful action alone. It’s like the video thing. If they remember you told them that they get a discount for AAA, you are more likely to get the business when it’s time.


7 – Graphics for Your Destinations


Just like the videos, having a lot of pictures is important for customers to see. They need to able to visualize themselves at the destination, and you’re the guide. Give them access to tons of pictures from events to sightseeing. The more information you arm a customer with the more likely you are to be the agency they choose to do business with.


You can also incorporate your sales into these pictures. Showing sale prices on beautiful pictures is a great way to get people excited about vacationing to a certain spot, and you can remind them you have the deals they are looking for.


8 – Show What You Are Doing in the Community


If a new customer stumbles onto your social media or website looking for a travel agency, what is going to make them choose you over the other guy? Well, if you do your part and give back to the community with your agency, your philanthropy alone could be the reason you win customers’ hearts. Don’t be afraid to share how you are helping your community grow for the better on social media and your website.


9 – New Customer Discounts


Yet another reason for a person to pick you for their first travel agency experience is a new customer discount. If you are looking to grow your contact list, this a great way to do it. An extra 10% might not seem like a lot to you, but to a new customer, it could be the reason they buy a vacation from instead of the other guy down the road.


10 – Ask Customers if You Can Share Their Photos of Travels You Booked


Once again, it’s always a great idea to reach out to happy customers, and ask them for a photo to share on your social media. Showing happy customers is a great way to entice new customers into booking with you. It’s also a great way to boost your authority and show how your agency actually cares for the happiness of its customers.

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