4 Easy Ways to Create Video Content for Your Blog

Whether you write blogs professionally or as a hobby, it’s no doubt you have noticed more and more blogs now incorporating video content and animation. Video content is useful for engaging your audience’s interest. Good video content will help keep them interested and boost organic traffic to your website or social media profile. Video is a good tool for marketing because it is an effective way to communicate ideas and capture your audience’s attention

The average internet user has about a 5th-grade reading level. This means, that in order to keep their attention, it’s important to use simple language and entertaining visual content.

So you may ask, “how can I create visually striking video content?” Well lucky for you we’ve rounded up our favorite simple ways to create video content for your blog or social media profile.


Visual Oriented Social Media.

Since we live in the age of live social video, not all video content needs to be polished and well produced. In the case of user-generated content designed to emphasize individual perspectives, SnapChat or Instagram Stories can go a long way. They also have a lot of fun filters, stickers and other creative effects for customizing your videos.

With social media and mobile technology becoming more popular, it’s a good idea to download and learn to use these powerful apps. They are great tools for documenting your travels and sharing funny moments. They are also totally free to use and available for all smartphone operating systems.

This use of this product is catching the eye of Facebook, too.  The recently joined the game with live videos and video stories.


Video Animation and Editing Apps.

An animation is a great way to tell a story or convey an idea. It’s entertaining and fun. It also offers an alternative to the normal, lecture-style approach that some blogs take. Sites like Moovly offer free and easy video editing and storyboarding tools. They also offer tiered membership packages to unlock additional content.  You can also just leave it in the hands of a professional like Square Ship for your explainer videos if you aren’t comfortable doing it yourself. If you want to make quality video animations quickly and at low cost, one of these sites is definitely going to be your best friend.


Select A Soundtrack

No video or slideshow is complete without a great soundtrack or audio effects to set it apart from other content! Sites like Free Music Archive offer free music and sound effects to use in your video productions.

These aren’t just the same old public domain sounds we’ve been hearing for years. The Free Music Archive is an interactive library of high-quality, legal audio downloads. However, many of the works available are protected under creative commons license. This means that most of the content can be used freely, as long as you give credit to the creator.


Free Video Hosting

If you have been living under a rock for the last decade, there is a wonderful site called YouTube that allows anyone to upload original video content. There are other sites like YouTube, but like most if not all Google products, it is far superior to its competitors.

Youtube allows you to freely share your content with embed codes that you can insert to any blog post. This means you can put your video right on your web page, so visitors don’t have to follow links to a new page in order to see your video. This is essential for keeping your readers’ attention



If you want to extend your reach and capture your audience’s attention, it’s a great idea to include engaging video content that will keep them clicking back for more. It’s an easy way to engage your customers, and one extended video has the potential to be thousands of promo videos.  That means you can run social media posts with shortened versions of your video that get people to click a link to view the whole thing.

At the end of the day, video has proven to be one of the most effective tools for creating engagement on your blog and social media channel.  So, if you haven’t started to create interesting informational videos that will peek your customer’s interest in your business, I have one question for you: whynot?

It’s time to shift your blog strategy to include videos, especially if you want to build your engagement and domain authority quickly. Quality content plus a relevant quality video equals a quality website rating and a better chance of engagement.

What are your favorite video animation styles? How has adding video to your blog helped you engage your audience? Share your quick video creation tips and tricks in the blog below.


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