5 Ways Animated Video Explainers Drive Traffic

Animated video explainers are a joy to watch, and that makes them an important marketing tool for your company. They connect us with a childlike joy that helps the brain remember the important facts of your video, especially if you highlight your key points properly.


Though making a video can be extremely challenging, they are the best resource for driving traffic for your business with today’s current platform options. Video is thriving in the social market, and it’s proving effective on landing pages too.  No matter where you use your video, it’s sure to show positive results for your posting engagement.


The ultimate video format is an animated video explainer because of their ability to drive qualified traffic directly to your door because they know exactly what you have to offer. That’s why we are going to take a look at the 4 ways animated video explainers drive traffic.

1 – Video Staying Power

When you look at the video marketing industry as a whole, all you see is growth. Growth in Ad Spend, growth in production, and growth in engagement. As a whole, the industry is simply growing.


That means clear waters ahead for jumping on board the video production boat, and that’s why you see the number of businesses partaking in it growing.  Obviously, there must be something behind its potential.


Video has shown it’s effective nature all across the online marketing spectrum too. From social media posts to blog posts, videos are on the rise. People more likely to watch videos, and videos under a minute are normally watched all the way through.  Creating consumable video content is a great way to get people to stay on your landing pages too, and an animated video explainer is the best way to make that page convert.  That’s because animation is the best combination of information and video creativity.

2 – Infographics Potential

Animated video explainers are videos that incorporate animated elements to enhance the video. They can also be completely animated, and people love the animated styling. It’s like taking an infographic and bringing it to life, and since infographics are shared 3 times more than any other picture content, that’s a good thing.


If you do go the fully animated route, try to make your video as informational without the sound as it is with the sound. For one reason or another, most videos are watched with the sound turned off.


3 – Conversions

I know we touched on the conversion potential before, but it’s something that needs to be stressed. An animated video explainer is one of the best ways to boost your conversion rates.  


Using an animated video explainer helped Crazy Egg boost their conversion rate by 64%.  That totaled out to $21,000 a month.  That just shows the amazing ability of an animated video.  


4 – Engagement

The best part about only needing a short video is the ability to use it on social media.  Using shorts of your video or posting your full feature can drive engagement through shares and click-throughs.  It’s amazing what a well thought out online marketing plan can do for your business when you use video and video shorts.


People want to consume video content.  As a matter of fact, it’s referred to reading text blogs by most people.  


5 – Transparency

Creating a short explainer video primes your customers for exactly what they are going to get from your services.  It shines a light on an otherwise unknown, and it helps you show your customers how you can solve their problems.  Solving peoples issues is a great way to get word of mouth traffic and social media shares.  That’s a great way to get the word out and make sales.

Boosting Sales With Animation

Animated video explainers are great tools for boosting sales, raising engagement, and building brand authority. They help customers remember your brand, and they automatically qualify your customers through explaining the product.  


If you take the time and work with the right people, creating an impactful explainer video can be a cost-effective and simple solution to correcting your conversion problems. The right video will generate sales, and they will be a great source of revenue in the long run.


If you aren’t using video, start. If you are using video, but haven’t used tried animating your videos to supplement your content, you should start if you want better conversion rates.


How have you taken advantage of video’s ability to drive traffic? How has animating your content improved your conversion rates? Share your stories in the comments below.

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