6 Visual Content Apps and Tools For DIY Content

A picture is worth a thousand words, and there’s no exception for your content.

We’ve all heard it a hundred times, and that’s because the effective visual content can tell a multitude of stories simultaneously. Whether you’ve got the budget or not, focussing on content creation is a must.  Content- from that explainer video on your landing page to blog writing needs to be quick, consumable, and engaging.

That being said, here are 7 content creation apps and tricks you can use to create killer content:


1. Pixabay

Pixabay is a free photo and videos archive that prides itself on offering do-whatever-you-want hi-res images and videos. According to their licensing information, the images on the site are not copyrighted, so you can pretty much use them freely in any way you want!

pixabay snap

If you want to show your gratitude, make sure you buy the Pixabay team a cup of coffee every once in a while.  You’ll have the option every time you download one of their royalty-free stock images.


2. Canva

Canva is an amazingly simple and powerful tool for any visual marketer or even digital artist. You can use this free tool to create endless images for web or print for Instagram graphics, or even business cards. To put the icing on the cake, their template library has a huge variety of pre-optimized design sizes. 

canva design template
The custom height and width options and useful presets, as well as its free image library and transparency function, make it a great tool to save time while creating beautiful still art and graphic design.


3. W3Schools

The right palette of colors is essential to the success of any ad campaign or video animation project. W3shcools offers a free color picker tool that will let you quickly generate hex codes for potential color swatches. Though this website is known as a quick cookbook for coders, it’s got many aspects that are worth the learning curve and can help increase your understanding of high-functioning design. 


4. Adobe Creative Cloud

sample color swatch

Alternately, if you’re on the Adobe CC you can access Adobe Color CC which is another extremely useful color picker tool.   The uses for this tool are endless- especially when you’re working on large-scale projects like we do on video explainers.  

It’s incredibly important to unify the colors, styles, and video effects before you even begin the process of creating.  What starts as a ton of color swatches, results in beautiful video content that ties perfectly with the brand.


The best part?  This video could be a simple ‘life hacks’ list that goes viral and captures dozens of users or great nurturing content for customers who have just used Expedia to book their flight to Mumbai.



Whether it’s an advertisement or a lyrical overlay cut in a music video, it’s good to find a way to make your words POP off the screen and engage your followers. This can be accomplished by using 3D text generators like Xara. Xara is super easy super easy to use app that lets you create 3D text in seconds

Attractive lettering is a good tool for conveying feeling in any visual with text. Which brings us to our next topic.


6. 1001 Free Fonts

There are several go-to sites for free .ttf fonts but 1001 free fonts is one of my all-time favorites for finding almost limitless font options…

preview fonts from 1001 fonts

Offering a multitude of styles from macabre horror fonts to traditional typekits, it is an invaluable free resource for any graphic designer or video editor to emphasize ideas or products. (Especially if your budget’s tight).


Good content isn’t just for your blog page or direct marketing materials.  It’s for every aspect of your brand that has the chance to cross eyes with your customers. Social media platforms, like Instagram and Youtube, are becoming ever popular in recent years with user accounts reaching well into the millions.

It’s no doubt that striking visuals and graphics are a big part of our societal culture, and creating eye-catching visual content is essential in order to capture any target audience’s attention. 

Take the time to play around with your editing software. Find out what kind of weird quirks you can produce by layering effects and filters, and then try to make the same video or graphics as clean cut as possible. Nevertheless, it goes without saying that creativity is essential in all forms of visual communication, and these tools can help you find your creative flow.


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