Digital Comics Are Ever Evolving And Becoming Increasingly Popular In The U.S.

The Asian culture is one of the cultures with the biggest influence on global digital entertainment.  Anime, manga, messaging apps and even video games are all mostly Asian descendant with tremendous popularity in the U.S.  The latest innovative digital form of entertainment that is soon going to be the talk of the century is the webtoon.


Digital Comics Evolution Infographic



What Is A Webtoon?

Website + Cartoon = Webtoon

A two-dimensional illustration available online that can even be animated. They are not videos yet are more than just comics.

The Many Different Names of The Webtoon




Animated toon

Graphic narrative

Graphic novel

Illustrated magazine

Illustrated novel

So Where Did It All Start?

1765 – Cartoons in a newspaper

1868 – A flipbook was invented

1877 – The Praxinoscope

1908 – The first animation

1928 – First cartoon with sound

1937 – First animated film

1951 – Color TV in the US

1985 – First online comic

1995 – First computer animated film

2003 – The creation of Webtoon in Korea

2007 – Smartphone access to toons

2014 – Launch of live Webtoon globally

How The Smartphone Contributed To Webtoon Success


Smartphone internet access in the US

2010 = 20.2% to 2017 = 63.5%

Mobile traffic as percentage of total web traffic

North America

May 2013 = 11%

May 2014 = 19%


South America

May 2013 = 6%

May 2014 = 17%



May 2013 = 14%

May 2014 = 25%

Comic Content Is On the Go and Webtoons Are Leading In Success


Evolution of Webtoon Style

Caricaturess – Graphic images that emphasize major characteristics of event or person

Comic – Illustration with humoristic appeal

Comic strip – Series of illustrations that depict a short story, scene, idea or joke

Comic book – Story that is depicted in various illustrations along with narration

Webcomic – Digital comic book that can be scrolled or paged

Moder Webcomic – Modernized version of a webcomic complete with following features:

  • Touch scrolling
  • Zoom feature
  • Sound effects
  • Daily, weekly or monthly updates
  • Multimedia effects
  • Optimized visuals
  • Free of charge
  • Easy on and offline access
  • Compatible with all devices (PC, Smartphone, Tablet)
  • Variety of genres for all fans
  • Engagement between fans and developers


Webtoons Are Going To Be the Next Big Thing in Comic

Available in more than 200 countries and gaining popularity with each passing day.

OSMU (One Source Multi Use)

The biggest graphic development of the Webtoon

  • Books
  • Merchandise
  • Advertising
  • Games
  • Online Play
  • TV Drama
  • Movies


Shocking Figures From NAVER Webtoon Brand

  • Creators source from interesting background – Food delivery man, teacher, model, student
  • Webtoonist earnings – $80 000 monthly salary earnings for full time authors
  • Cumulative views – 30 Billion
  • Daily average users – 6.2 million
  • Books published – 142
  • Videos released – 37
  • Games developed – 10


A Peek At Figures Of The Most Popular Naver Webtoons

  • “Tower of God” – 724 826 comments on single September 2014 episode
  • “The Sound of Your Heart” – 800 episodes and 2 billion reads (Longest running webtoon)
  • “Noblesse” – More than 1.3 billion reads (4 million per episode)

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