7 Successful Video Marketing Tips To Boost Your Sales

The role of video marketing was often overlooked until a couple of years back when Google made it more accessible with Videos started appearing among its top searched items. It is now incredibly easy (and preferred by most!) to watch videos on any social media platform with a single click. If you aren’t taking advantage of video marketing, it is likely you are leaving money on the table.

Video marketing provides powerful live content including quick demonstrative clips comprising of the most viewed posts on YouTube and Facebook. You can watch video content on any device through a secure internet connection. However, the big Q is, should you concentrate on video marketing as a sound selling strategy? The truth is that it won’t result in immediate sales and you cannot rely on it as your primary marketing tool.

In other words, you can’t just post a video and expect results. Keep reading for our proven tips on how to develop attention-grabbing video marketing techniques for your business…


1. Create Moving Stories


create moving stories for the most success with video marketing. this image is a pic of someone watching Avatar on a tablet


You will hardly find a duplicate video on the internet. Every captured moment is unique, and contains fresh content addressing a specific need. Videos capture exciting stories that your audience wants to know. Especially those with moving stories.

To make appealing marketing videos – avoid low budget videos filled with product details.  Instead, you have to focus on a compelling story to boost your viewership results. All viral videos contain authoritative and engaging stories mixed with a little excitement and even humor. These types of videos will elevate your company’s marketing strategies and win you loyal clients in the end.



2. KISS (Keep It Short + Simple)

Viral videos have one thing in common. They are short and audacious. The secret to making exciting and memorable marketing videos is always to keep it short and simple (KISS). Video length goes hand in hand with human attention span. It’s proven that the average attention span online is about a second less than that of a goldfish!

The longer your video is, the more people dismiss it. People love happy endings, so keep it punchy and impressive.

As more and more videos are making rounds on the internet, you want to a video that will capture your audience attention within seconds of viewing it. So go all the way with your creativity and develop an extraordinary marketing video that will convert entertainment into sales. Your goal is to make people notice your products and buy, right? Pick a natural concept and run with it.

Shorter videos command higher translation rates than lengthier ones. Focus on alluring your audience within the first 30 seconds of your clip. Make it at least a minute long, or less.



3. Create Shareable Videos


creating shareable videos is essential in video marketing. this photo highlights the share button on Facebook - viewed on a smartphone.


Let your clients have that special wow moment when they see your videos and love them enough to share across social media sites. Customer behavior is always evolving, and you should move with the current tidal wave to survive in the market. Sometimes it is hard to keep up, but you can create interactive videos and let your customers dictate where it goes. Today, interactive marketing content is entirely in the hands of the viewers.

It allows your potential customers to rate the content by how it’s shared. Videos with relatable storylines far outweigh plain ones that just go straight to the point. To spice up your videos, make educative, yet humorous content.



4. Make That Crucial ‘Call to Action’

Concise videos always give out a powerful message at the end of the clip. You want your customers to remember your product as they viewed it on YouTube or Instagram, for instance.

Do not forget this crucial part unless you’re out there to create comical content. Seriously, your product must come out as clear as daylight. Let it emit strong emotions that compel buyers to “take action” by either buying the product or subscribing to your website, or Email list for further information. Dedicate the last 5-10 seconds persuading your audience with the precise action you’d like them to take. This is a crucial step that will have a seriously negative impact on overall performance if skipped.



5. Share Your Amazing Videos Across The Board


encourage sharing your social videos - this image highlights the sharing options when uploading to YouTube.


Video marketing is limitless. If you’re selling as a brand, you ought to have multiple social media accounts across the internet. This way, you get to share your content with as many people as possible, sit back, and let the clients steer the direction into who needs your content.

Makeup tutorials have become the most shared videos on Facebook while motivational videos are popular on LinkedIn or Twitter. Do not post a quality video on your main website and expect it to move the masses. Instead, go to the masses (social media), let them decide where it goes to get the desired outcome on viewership, and combined sharing.



6. Track Your Performance


tracking marketing campaign performance is crucial. this image is a screen shot of data found in Google Analytics


Data is essential in any business. Check your viewership statistics with each posting to know how many people have seen your content. Facebook has revolutionized the power of instant analytics by displaying feedback content right on their news feed.

A right-faced hook arrow lets users share exciting content with results of sometimes content has been shared shown right next to the share button. Other sights have similar tools to check performance, which should substantially translate in engaging your customers directly or sales shortly.



7. Team Up With Related Brands + Social Influencers

Brand recommendation is king in the marketing world. A single product mention from the right influencers can make you millions overnight. Okay, not literally, but you get the point. Complement your products with other video marketing brands related to yours to reach multiple customers within a short period.

If you sell skin products, for example, you can collaborate with a hat-making brand to emphasize the need to wear sunscreen during summer to protect your face from sunburn. Peer recommendations make up Ninety percent reception from internet users. Consumers propel a brand in the market; TV commercials no longer need to push it in our face and dictate when and how we should watch. Today consumers control Video marketing, which has in turn revolutionized product engagement.




Consider all of the above tips when developing your marketing videos. Remember to include keywords and calls to action in the opening and closing clips to captivate your audience with a powerful, and lasting impression.

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